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Stratus Services is Alaska's premier provider of custom IT and Network Security solutions.

We are your security experts.

Let Stratus Services’ cybersecurity expertise elevate your CMMC compliance and strengthen business with the DoD.

CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization (RPO)
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We service a wide range of industries


Protect intellectual property, prevent security breaches, and avoid financial losses, with custom security solutions.


Safeguard patient privacy , ensure regulatory compliance, and protect against cyber threats.

Property Management

Protect sensitive information such as tenant records, financial data, and building systems to mitigate risk.


Prevent fraud, comply with regulations such as PCI-DSS, and secure sensitive financial information.


Elevate your CMMC compliance and
strengthen business as a DoD contractor by identifying risks and vulnerabilities.

Small Business

Full suite managed services for smaller organizations who need IT support including right-sizing network and security needs.

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Meet the team

Our team of network engineers and security experts are ready to right-size and optimize your IT systems.

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Joshua and his team have helped us navigate growth as a company and also implemented increased security measures due to our work with Federal contracts. I truly enjoy working with Stratus – they are kind, knowledgeable, and responsive.

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Erica S. Jensen, PE, PTOE
CRW Engineering Group, Inc.
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A key benefit that Stratus provides is their wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team members are accustomed to a high level of service and when Stratus is involved in specific end-user support, this level is met, if not exceeded.

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Brad Perry
Action Property Management
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Finding IT support that is knowledgeable, pleasant and courteous with our team is so important. Stratus addresses our team's concerns immediately and they do so with kindness and respect. We feel at ease knowing our business is supported by the Stratus team.

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Lisa Elliott
Alyeska Title Guaranty Agency, Inc.